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2051 TGC
baIl-E sent 20 TGC to ccga4
refunding cause i actually cant lmao
baIl-E sent 1 TGC to clew3
you probably need at least 5 games to get this much XDdd
baIl-E sent 90 TGC to Some Ball
Imma invest in this INNOVATIVE venture
youngzeff sent 20 TGC to baIl-E
asking for .5% of profits
ccga4 sent 20 TGC to baIl-E
Here's my downpayment. Make my proud. More to come if you hold up to your end.
baIl-E sent 2 TGC to Glass Marble
Take the bribe and be quiet
Some Ball sent 36 TGC to baIl-E