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14471 TGC
Jinjo sent 638 TGC to i love HD
im doing this out of my love for cheeze
Jinjo sent 99 TGC to ball kid
I am always down to play unreal. Lemme warm up real quick
ball kid sent 100 TGC to Jinjo
Wanna play Unreal after this?
Bamboozler sent 69 TGC to Jinjo
Jinjo sent 69 TGC to Bamboozler
Team gets 9 caps
Jinjo sent 327 TGC to CaIvinball
Jinjo sent 6 TGC to kelvin
hey numbnuts
kelvin sent 1 TGC to Jinjo
hey idiot
undefined sent 1 TGC to Jinjo
But, bbq is for everyone! BBQ is the meaning of life, the universe and the gandria.
Jinjo sent 100 TGC to undefined
dont invite epip
Epiphany sent 4 TGC to Jinjo
nonoes <3 stay rich jinjo
Jinjo sent 4 TGC to Epiphany
u want more?
Epiphany sent 2 TGC to Jinjo
Jinjo sent 2 TGC to Epiphany
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