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[Rets] sent 3004 TGC to edvard41298
Ur nearly as cool as ur name
[Rets] sent 1 TGC to Santa Claus
[Rets] sent 13 TGC to unplanned
gud draft
[Rets] sent 13 TGC to ruff
[Rets] sent 10 TGC to pbl0
Where is ur ECLTP signup Brazuka?
[Rets] sent 10 TGC to Bokkel
Bok Bok
[Rets] sent 10 TGC to NewCompte
My French frog <3
[Rets] sent 69 TGC to Berlin Ball
💯🔥setting aside my monies for when i retire from tagpro
un sent 69 TGC to [Rets]
NlNJA sent 2 TGC to [Rets]
ur the needy one
[Rets] sent 1 TGC to NlNJA
[Rets] sent 40 TGC to Fraser
I donate to the needy what can i say
[Rets] sent 40 TGC to Fraser
This fucker
Bokkel sent 50 TGC to [Rets]
Bad bok
NlNJA sent 69 TGC to [Rets]
impo does not sux i thinik
[Rets] sent 20 TGC to Fraser
he's just a nice guy thats y im sending them
Fraser sent 20 TGC to [Rets]
[Rets] sent 100 TGC to NlNJA
[Rets] sent 69 TGC to NlNJA
gud one nerd
Mystic Mac sent 4 TGC to [Rets]
luv u 2
[Rets] sent 1 TGC to Mystic Mac
u sux
NlNJA sent 138 TGC to [Rets]
[Rets] sent 69 TGC to NlNJA
I got shrekt
NlNJA sent 69 TGC to [Rets]
You win :(
Ko sent 69 TGC to [Rets]
congratz imp ok that was the last one, I'm only loosing today
[Rets] sent 2 TGC to unplanned
Pshh take ur donations elsewhere.
[Rets] sent 10 TGC to Electro Bank
CP_BUY: dtalvkxzdn
unplanned sent 2 TGC to [Rets]
looks like ed already bounced u two but im gonna do it anyway x
TagNoob sent 1 TGC to [Rets]
suck my ego
[Rets] sent 1 TGC to TagNoob
u scum
TagNoob sent 1 TGC to [Rets]
i dunno for fun i guess
[Rets] sent 69 TGC to un
u've got ok skills in duel i guess
[Rets] sent 3 TGC to Bokkel
Wtf I named you bok bok. Remember to reject any affection from n0b0.
pbl0 sent 10 TGC to [Rets]
[Rets] sent 69 TGC to un
check out this solo
[Rets] sent 5 TGC to pbl0
Drop a pin, send a location!
edvard41298 sent 17 TGC to [Rets]
get rekt ninja
NlNJA sent 1 TGC to [Rets]
i have 16 tc more than you hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahhaha
Bokkel sent 1 TGC to [Rets]
ONE whole TagCoin for u!
[Rets] sent 1 TGC to NlNJA
[Rets] sent 1 TGC to NlNJA
[Rets] sent 1 TGC to NlNJA
pbl0 sent 1 TGC to [Rets]
[Rets] sent 3080 TGC to NlNJA
Ninja Sux moar
Ballzilla sent 1 TGC to [Rets]
Merry Christmas
NlNJA sent 3077 TGC to [Rets]
edvard41298 sent 2 TGC to [Rets]
your enltp auction price xD