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HarkMollis sent 3 TGC to Sam-
You're a real biff and a baff mate, posh
Sam- sent 1287 TGC to !
Favourite Player
Sam- sent 500 TGC to Bamboozler
BezebaII sent 260 TGC to Sam-
This is a scam but I don't care. Luv u bby
edvard41298 sent 12 TGC to Sam-
gib admin
i am zeus sent 500 TGC to Sam-
Make me a mod
Sam- sent 5 TGC to n00b
Cheers mum
n00b sent 5 TGC to Sam-
Jerry. sent 1001 TGC to Sam-
If u insist
Sam- sent 43 TGC to Jerry.
Treat them well
Sam- sent 2 TGC to !
tesla sent 10 TGC to Sam-
fun stuff
Sam- sent 700 TGC to Jerry.
Never back down
! sent 1 TGC to Sam-
:) p :) o :) s :) i :) t :) i :) v :) i :) t :) y :)
Jerry. sent 666 TGC to Sam-
At what point is one of us gonna put out
Sam- sent 300 TGC to Jerry.
Jerry. sent 100 TGC to Sam-
How rude!!
Sam- sent 100 TGC to TheBob18
Absolute Hero
Sam- sent 10 TGC to Jerry.
Suck my Tagcoins
Sam- sent 1000 TGC to Berlin Ball
I believe in your message
Jerry. sent 10 TGC to Sam-
Halloween is over Sam - take off the flair!
Sam- sent 5 TGC to ylambda
This is awesome thank you!