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5399 TGC
Cheetosrule sent 99 TGC to Daffodil.
Magma sent 999 TGC to Daffodil.
gg toasty
Daffodil. sent 10 TGC to toasty
one for every time u are better than me at tagpro
Daffodil. sent 1 TGC to Gem
Raspberry sent 1000 TGC to Daffodil.
Daffodil. sent 1000 TGC to Raspberry
Daffodil. sent 1 TGC to Ballzilla
and a happy new year :)
Ballzilla sent 1 TGC to Daffodil.
Merry Christmas
Grief Seeds sent 4000 TGC to Daffodil.
allahu akbar
Daffodil. sent 100 TGC to Eashy
shut up