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TToC_BANK sent 2934 TGC to Poeticalto
Bank closing
TToC_BANK sent 240 TGC to might dino
Return of investment + 20% interest
TToC_BANK sent 57 TGC to clew3
Return of investment + 20% interest rounded up
TToC_BANK sent 600 TGC to Pandora
Return of investment + 20% interest
TToC_BANK sent 700 TGC to Blackberry
Return of investment+20%interest
TToC_BANK sent 100 TGC to Blackberry
TToC_BANK sent 50 TGC to Raspberry
Poet payment
TToC_BANK sent 100 TGC to Frozen
Poet payment
Poeticalto sent 50 TGC to TToC_BANK
Poeticalto sent 91 TGC to TToC_BANK
Djinni sent 30 TGC to TToC_BANK
Saving for retirement
Frozen sent 10 TGC to TToC_BANK
I don't want that shitty interest rate wtf
TToC_BANK sent 10 TGC to Frozen
10 TGC loan signed on 12/22/2017 with 10 percent interest per day.
Poeticalto sent 4 TGC to TToC_BANK
clew3 sent 7 TGC to TToC_BANK
TToC_BANK sent 200 TGC to youngzeff
Sorry, you can't put in that much as an investor.
youngzeff sent 900 TGC to TToC_BANK
please i'm the biggest shareholder here
might dino sent 200 TGC to TToC_BANK
ground floor style
Blackberry sent 583 TGC to TToC_BANK
get fucked pandora
Pandora sent 500 TGC to TToC_BANK
hmu here
baIl-e sent 90 TGC to TToC_BANK
Imma invest in this INNOVATIVE venture
clew3 sent 40 TGC to TToC_BANK
How many buy-ins is this worth?
youngzeff sent 100 TGC to TToC_BANK
+1 rep
Poeticalto sent 2383 TGC to TToC_BANK
Building reserves for the TToC_BANK